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Ruslan Vorobyev
3 weeks ago
Great solution overall! Not only that it is on time, with nice customer support and so on, but the entire product is revolutionary for those who understands: you are what you eat, and wants to be healthy.
Michael and Lorraine Mitchell
a month ago
Having adopted a "carb free" diet these loose staples have meant that I haven't had to forgo some of my favourite meals. A complete revelation. Thanks.
Constanze Lehmann
a month ago
Great, healthy meals. Delivery really fast. Happy customer :)
Taimur Cantoni
a month ago
Delicious Low carb noodles , my favorite is pasta Ben detto ! A must try !!!
Antje Gallo
5 months ago
I have so far tried their rice substitute and am super impressed. Easy to prepare and very delicious. Can 100% recommend.

Pasta Ben Detto!

Get cosy with the Mama of our dishes. Receive a big hug of konjac pasta dressed in an aromatic creamy courgette sauce

Pasta Ben Detto!

Enjoy the delicate flavour of courgettes tossed with pasta in a creamy sauce

Overcooked and tasteless - that's how Shileo's founder Cyrille remembers the courgettes from his childhood. Let us change your mind, just like he did after tasting Pasta Ben Detto! The wonderful aromas of crisp summer vegetables are harmonised with a light creamy sauce and our konjak pasta. The whole meal contains less than 110.69 calories. Dry weight: 98g.


Konjac noodles (69%) (konjac flour, acidity regulators: calcium hydroxide & citric acid, tapioca syrup, tapioca starch), dried courgettes (7%), carrots, spring onions, potato starch, mixed dried herbs and spices (sea salt, garlic, parsnip, cumin, onions, fenugreek seed, coriander seeds, celery, fennel seed, parsley, ginger, paprika)

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Cooking Instructions

You'll see, it's not that complicated

Mix packet contents with 150ml milk or soymilk and 150ml water. Stir for approx. 10 minutes on low heat until creamy. Add some fresh finely chopped parsley for an extra tasty meal. Enjoy!

Nutrition information overview

Nutrition Claims (EU 1924/2006)

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Low fat - EU 1924/2006
Less than 3g of fat / 100g when cooked
yes sign
Low sugars - EU 1924/2006
Less than 5g of sugar / 100g when cooked
yes sign
High fibre - EU 1924/2006
More than 6g of fibre / 100g
yes sign
Source of fibre - EU 1924/2006
More than 3g of fibre / 100g
yes sign
Energy-reduced - EU 1924/2006
Less than 30% of the energy of regular wheat noodle dishes
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Low saturated fat - EU 1924/2006
Less than 1.5 g of saturated fat / 100g when cooked


Per 100g
per portion*
of which
of which sugar

Core Ingredients

Quick look at 4 of the main ingredients

main ingredient 1


Provides high fibre content with few calories
main ingredient 2


Courgettes are not only an excellent of source of folic acid, which helps to reduce fatigue, but also add the right amount of crunch and zing to this hearty Italian dish
main ingredient 3


Loads of vitamin A and C, and calcium
main ingredient 4


Low in saturated fat and sodium, cholesterol free, rich in iron and manganese, while enhancing the texture of the noodles

Let's be open

We are completely transparent - you can trust us with each meal

Each and every meal has our seal of quality, as it's been assembled by us for you.

We are:
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Our pasta e.g. contains less than 1.7 g carbs per 100g prepared
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Fully vegan
We exclusively use vegetal ingredients in our products
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Aids weight loss
According to Commission Regulation No. 432/2012 of the European Union, konjac glucomannan helps maintain your weight (read more)
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Without artificial colouring & flavour enhancers
We consciously avoid artificial colouring and flavour enhancers. Discover the real taste of all our ingredients
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Gluten free
We do not use any type of grain. This also helps us keep carbs to a minimum
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GMO free
Because who would want that?
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Promotes your health*
Did you know that the konjac fibre glucomannan not only promotes weight loss but has also been widely used in traditional medicine to treat diabetes, stomach diseases and asthma? It's a real super fibre
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Good for your cholesterol
Helps keep blood cholesterol levels normal (see more)
We are not:
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Organic (No)
We work with organic ingredients whenever possible, but we cannot label ourselves organic. We hope to be able to have the label by December 2018
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Kosher / Halal certified (No)
The cost for such a certification would be too great for us
no sign
Fully local (No)
The konjac plant only grows in tropical regions of Asia
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Allergen free (No)
One of dishes contains celery, one of the 14 allergen families contained in EU 45/2013 5
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Without preservatives (No)
Our dishes contain small amounts of calcium hydroxide. Our first change in future recipes will be to fully eliminate artifical preservatives

Let's improve together

We take your feedback seriously

If you have any remarks, recipe ideas, suggestions or opportunities for improvement, just drop us a line. Our community has inspired our dishes and we thrive on your feedback!

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