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Losing weight has never been so easy

Transform your meals from heavy to healthy with Shileo dishes

Eating healthy isn't always so easy

So let's make it easier for you

How often have you gone home after a perfectly healthy and productive day and cooked a frozen pizza just because you were 'too tired'? Introducing Shileo: delicious meals that are ready within 10 minutes. All you need is a bit of water, a frying pan and a stove. No more!

Each Shileo meal weighs around 400g when cooked, and is extremely low in calories. And the best part is: there is really NO tradeoff. We're don't use artificial colourings, preservatives, animal- or byproducts.

  • Aids weight loss*
  • Less than 241kcal per meal
  • Yummy flavour
  • Low carb - ideal for ketogenic diets
  • No artifical flavours & colourings
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • High in fibre
  • Health-promoting*
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Ready within a few minutes
  • Shelf life up to one year
  • No flavour enhancers
  • Good for cholesterol
  • Lactose-free

Improve your life

Indulgent & healthy, while low in calories

With 115kcal per 100g, Shileo pasta, noodles and rice contain less than 10% of the calories of a normal pasta dish. Our products come dried, are quickly prepared, and are the perfect meals for a fast-paced life whilst still being calorie conscious. Our fibre-dense foods will make you feel full until the next meal. And also: have you heard of our creamy strawberry-flavoured shake, Strawswizzle? It works wonders between regular meals to help you stop feeling hungry.

Shileo Meals

Less than 241kcal per meal once cooked (400g). Don't be afraid of feeling hungry anymore.

Shileo Shakes

Shakes with less than 112kcal, it will suppress your appetite. They will keep you hydrated as well.

Hungry for more?

Get Shileo delivered every month

Get 12 meals (4x Roooaaar Rice, 4x Roooaaar Pasta, 2x Happy Date, 2x Pasta Ben Detto!) and 1 shake (10 servings) delivered to your home every month. No need to worry about running low on healthy meals anymore!

Our mission

To deliver delicious food for your shape and soul

Unfortunately, nowadays chemicals are the norm in most foods. We guarantee that Shileo products contain no artificial flavourings, colourings, gluten, etc.

Our meals are a vast improvement compared to alternatives such as pasta, rice or even fresh food shipped to you that needs extensive cooking and can only be stored for a couple of days.

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