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Ruslan Vorobyev
a month ago
Great solution overall! Not only that it is on time, with nice customer support and so on, but the entire product is revolutionary for those who understands: you are what you eat, and wants to be healthy.
Michael and Lorraine Mitchell
2 months ago
Having adopted a "carb free" diet these loose staples have meant that I haven't had to forgo some of my favourite meals. A complete revelation. Thanks.
Constanze Lehmann
2 months ago
Great, healthy meals. Delivery really fast. Happy customer :)
Antje Gallo
5 months ago
I have so far tried their rice substitute and am super impressed. Easy to prepare and very delicious. Can 100% recommend.
Taimur Cantoni
a month ago
Delicious Low carb noodles , my favorite is pasta Ben detto ! A must try !!!

Our konjac staples are like no other

Good for your health, community, planet and wallet

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Introducing the best konjac noodles and rice you'll ever try

31 reasons our products are better than our competitors'



Super fast cooking
Ready within minutes
Long shelf life
Up to 18 months
Yummy flavour
Every bite is delicious
Salt free
Not a gram of salt
No odor whatsoever
No fish smell like many competitors
No colouring
Except the colour of our love
No artifical flavouring
Flavour it to your liking


No allergens
Suits everyone
Fully vegan
No gelatine, nothing
Low carb
It also means less calories
Gluten free
Fits people who suffer from celiac disease
Yeast free
One more good point

People & Planet

CO2 neutral delivery
Read more
People love us
Our average rating is 5.0/5 Read more
Socially involved
We work with handicapped people Read more
Guaranteed delivery
We ship by registered mail
Greener packaging
You can chose to reduce your packaging Read more
Animal free
No animal product or byproduct
GMO free
Who would even want that?
Made in Germany
You know it means quality


Reduced calories
Very low energy density
80% less calories than wheat pasta
25kcal/100g vs. 130kcal/100g
50% less calories than traditional rice
60kcal/100g vs. 130kcal/100g
Aids weight loss
Scientifically proven Read more
High in fiber
All our products contain at least 11g/100g
No cholesterol
One problem less!
No fats
Eat lighter
Sugar free
Zero sugar in all our products
Roooaaar Rice
Roooaaar Rice
7.95 per 3 meals

Incl. 7% VAT, excl. shipping
corresponds to €3.79 per 100g
Roooaaar Pasta
Roooaaar Pasta
7.95 per 3 meals

Incl. 7% VAT, excl. shipping
corresponds to €3.53 per 100g

You still don't believe we have the best konjac products in the world?

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Eating healthy isn't always so easy

So let's make it easier for you

How often have you gone home after a perfectly healthy and productive day and cooked a frozen pizza just because you were 'too tired'? Introducing Shileo: delicious konjac noodles and rice that are ready within 10 minutes. All you need is a bit of water, a frying pan and a stove. Nothing else!

Each Shileo sachet weighs around 200g when cooked, and is extremely low in calories. And the best part is: there is really NO tradeoff. We don't use artificial colourings, preservatives, animal or by-products.

What do our fans think?

Don't just take our word for it. See for yourself

Improves your life

Indulgent & healthy, while low in calories

With 66kcal per 100g, Shileo konjac noodles contain 80% less calories than a normal pasta dish. Our Shileo konjac rice is 50% lighter than traditional rice. All our products arrive dried, are quick to prepare, and are the perfect solution for a fast-paced life whilst remaining calorie conscious. Our fibre-dense foods will make you feel full until the next meal.

Shileo Konjac Rice

Less than 49kcal per portion once cooked (200g). Don't be afraid of feeling hungry anymore.

Shileo Konjac Noodles

Rice substitute with less than 120kcal, with 28 times less carbs than in traditional rice

Hungry for more?

Get Shileo delivered every month

Get 18 meals (9 portions of Roooaaar Rice and 9 portions Roooaaar Pasta) delivered to your home every month. No need to worry about running low on healthy meals anymore!

Our mission

To deliver delicious food for your shape and soul

Unfortunately, nowadays chemicals are the norm in most foods. We guarantee that Shileo products contain no artificial flavourings, colourings, gluten, etc.

Our meals are a vast improvement when compared to alternatives such as pasta or rice, or even fresh food shipped to you that needs extensive cooking and can only be stored for a couple of days.

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