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  • How can I contact Shileo if I have a question?
  • Please use the contact form on our website or write to us directly at
  • Where are you based?
  • Shileo was officially founded in Anja's living room in Berlin. Shileo is still officially based in Berlin, with an additional office in Switzerland, where co-founder Cyrille hails from.
  • Shileo in the media
  • We are happy to respond to inquiries from the media. Simply write to us using our contact form. Please refer to Press inquiries for general information
  • What sets Shileo apart from other vendors of konjac products?
  • Unlike other companies, Shileo only sells dried konjac pasta and rice, which are also known as Shirataki. Not over-impressed with the preserved versions, Shileo founders Anja & Cyrille spent almost a year tracking down dried konjac rice and dried konjac noodles. Their search was ultimately successful. Long story short, they then founded Shileo. The dried Shileo products are not just 100% non-slimy and odorless, the dried consistency means they can be transformed into any kind of dish, whether sweet or savory. All our products absorb your sauces perfectly. In addition, the much higher content of the healthy flour made from the konjac root makes you feel fuller more quickly, helping achieve your weight-loss goal.
  • Why have the nutritional values of the new products changed?
  • The new products not only have a changed taste and a different appearance but also a completely revised recipe. It was important to us to omit all critical ingredients. Our new products are free of blood sugar critical tapioca syrup and also additives like citric acid. The ingredient list of the new range is limited to a very manageable number of clean ingredients. You may have also noticed that we have significantly increased the content of konjac flour in the products, so that you can actually lose weight with our products. To achieve the desired effect, a certain amount of the fiber konjac glucomannan is needed in the product, on which the health-related statement is based. You can find more information on this in our consumption recommendation and in studies conducted by the European Food Safety Authority, which investigate and highlight the positive effects of konjac. These changes naturally have a significant impact on the nutritional values. Our products are still strongly reduced in carbohydrates compared to regular products but are no longer carbohydrate-free as before
  • Are Shileo products gluten free?
  • Shileo products are 100% gluten free and are thus quite safe, even if you have a sensitive stomach.
  • Which quality certificates do the products have?
  • Our new production facility has been awarded the highest international food certifications (including HACCP, ISO, BRCGS, etc.), which are regularly reviewed through external audits. Due to the konjac growing region, our factory is located in China, where konjac noodles have been a traditional dietary staple for centuries, and konjac is also used as a remedy in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We are pleased to announce that next year, we will also be offering the range in organic quality. These are significant improvements in quality assurance that provide both us and you with confidence and security.
  • What was the inspiration behind the name Shileo?
  • The two founders Anja and Cyrille came up with the name. It is a portmanteau of the first letters of the word "shirataki", or white waterfall, the traditional Japanese name for noodles made of konjac, which have been eaten for centuries, and the word "leo". This symbolizes not just the power and strength of the team behind the company, it's also Anja's star sign.
  • In what countries is Shileo available?
  • We currently ship to all EU countries and Switzerland but have a particularly strong presence in German-speaking regions.
  • What do Shileo konjac noodles and rice taste like?
  • The konjac rice and noodles have a similar structure and taste to Chinese vermicelli. Their neutral flavor goes well with all side dishes and sauces. Because they are dried, Shileo pasta and rice don't have the fishy smell of other konjac noodles. When cooked, they absorb any sauce, spices or herbs added to them.
  • Click here to see the full Shileo FAQ
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