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  • How can I contact you?
  • Please use our contact form, or write to us at hello@shileo.com
  • Where are you guys located?
  • In beautiful Berlin, Germany
  • How does konjac / glucomannan help with weight loss, as well as contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels?
  • According to Commission Regulation No. 432/2012 of the European Union, glucomannan aids weight loss as well as normal blood cholesterol levels if taken in the amount of 4g a day, in three portions of 1g each minimum. It is important to take it with plenty of water to ensure the substance reaches the stomach.
  • How do I place an order?
  • Click on "All products" in the top bar, and via the drop down fields select the amount of each product you need. Then click on the little "bubble" at the bottom right of the screen to access the cart & payment page.
  • How does your subscription model (monthly shipping) work?
  • Upon signing up, you'll be a member of our oh-so-cool konjac club. Every month you'll receive 8 meals in addition to 4 pouches of konjac noodles and konjac rice, plus 2 shake pouches. Some of the meals will be exclusive in the sense that you will not be able to order them online otherwise. From the moment you sign up, you'll get a package monthly for a period of 12 months, automatically renewed during the last month unless you tell us otherwise.
  • Do you ship internationally?
  • We currently ship to the all the EU countries + Switzerland
  • How do I request a refund?
  • If you're not happy with your order and you want to withdraw from your contractual offer please contact us by using our contact form, or at hello@shileo.com. We will handle your request and contact you as soon as possible.
  • Is it possible to merge several orders in one parcel?
  • By default, each order is shipped individually, unless you write us an email to ask us to pack several things together.
  • Is there an offline store where I can buy Shileo products?
  • Not as of yet - but many exciting partnerships are being planned, and you can often find us at some of Berlin's food markets. Stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter.
  • Press related topics
  • Please write us at hello@shileo.com
  • How many carbohydrates are in Shileo foods?
  • We're 100% transparent on all of our packaging. One meal (package) contains between 0.04 and 72.8 grams depending on the recipe. The shakes contain roughly 72.8g of carbs. To double check, please visit each item's page to check out all the macronutrients and their amounts. To give you a point of comparision, 100g of bread contains 78g of carbs.
  • What makes Shileo different from other industrially processed foods?
  • Many food companies try to sell their products as "light", "non-fat" and "no added sugar". "Light" simply indicated that it is less heavy than the regular recipe (yet still harmful), "no fat" usually means that sugar is added to increase the flavoring, and "no added sugar" could mean that other artificial ingredients are added in order to compensate. We believe food should be light not only in unhealthy ingredients, but also in its after effects. You shouldn't feel sleepy or hungry after a meal, especially when you're trying to lose weight.
  • What are your serving sizes?
  • Our meals weigh roughly 100g in their packaging, but increase in weight to about 400g once cooked with water. Our shake powders are sold in packages of 150g, out of which you should be able to prepare about 10 shakes, each one of 215cL. Please check each individual product page to see the exact values.
  • How much protein is in Shileo dishes?
  • Our meals contain between 0 and 5.16g of protein per 100g. Please check each individual product page to get the exact value.
  • How much lipid (fat) are in Shileo dishes?
  • Our meals contain between 0 and 1.32 grams of monosatured lipids ("good fat") and between 0 and 3.2 grams of polysaturded lipids ("bad fat"). Please check each individual product page to get the exact value.
  • Does Shileo increase intestinal transit and digestion?
  • Our meals contain between 13.4 and 79.2g of fiber. Depending on your diet, especially if you have a general diet which is low in fibers, your body may need to get used to the increase in fibre intake, but this should soon pass. Please check each individual product page to get the exact value.
  • Is Shileo gluten free?
  • We're 100% gluten free
  • Can I lose weight on Shileo?
  • In addition regular activity and an appropriate diet, absolutely. Shileo contains glucomanan, a fiber naturally present in konjac roots. Glucomanan can help you with weight loss as well as maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels (link)
  • Why is it named Shileo?
  • It is a portmanteau of the first letter of the word "shirataki", the traditional Japanese noodles made of konjac, and the word "leo", which is not only an animal which stands for power and strength, but is also the Anja's (one of our two founders) zodiac sign.
  • In which countries are you present?
  • We serve the United Kingdom (https://www.shileo.com), Germany (https://www.shileo.de) and France (https://www.shileo.fr)
  • What is the taste of the Shileo konjac noodles and rice?
  • The konjac rice and noodles have a similar structure and taste to Chinese vermicelli. Our products don't have fishy smell, which is very often the case with konjac from competitors. Their natural taste is neutral, but any sauce, spices or herbs added to them will give them a nice flavour.
  • How much do you charge for shipping & handling?
  • For orders whitin Germany: 4.50€ if it's below 50€, else free. For orders from abroad (EU + Switzerland): 7.50€ if it's below 70€, else free.
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