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Shileo offers low calorie healthy, functional foods that are good for your body and your soul. In 2016, founders Anja Willms and Cyrille Gattiker wanted to develop meals that are substantial, yet contain very few calories. The key to their success is the use of 100% natural konjac glucomannan as the core ingredient in all of their products. This allows people from all across Europe to feel full after a meal, while making weight loss easier. All Shileo products are ✓ vegan, ✓ gluten free, ✓ low in carbs, ✓ high in fiber, ✓ promote healthy digestion, do not contain ✗ artificial flavouring, ✗ artificial colouring, and have a ✓ long shelf life.

Available online through, and, Shileo customers can find a range of meals, desserts, shakes, appetite suppressants, plain konjac noodles, and plain konjac rice. The company is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. The whole operation is quite small, as there are only 2 employees in total.

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Anja & Cyrille

Our mission

Produce high quality, low calorie food that is good for your body, soul and for the planet.

Future vision

The biggest reason why people don't stick to their weight maintenance programme is palate boredom after a few weeks. Shileo plans to expand their food offerings, so consumers can enjoy a different Shileo product every day, whether it's a main dish, a shake, or a dessert. No more cravings, no more excuses!

All our meals contain konjac (amorphophallus konjac), a natural tuber typically grown in regions of Southeast Asia. Widely used both in Asian cuisine and traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, foods containing konjac have recently found their way into Europe’s markets. Once the tubers are harvested, they are ground into a flour, from which Shileo creates their noodles, pasta, shakes, and desserts. With minimal calories (32kcal per 100 gram prepared), konjac noodles and rice are the perfect alternative to high calorie, starchy side dishes like wheat noodles or rice, which typically contain about 340kcal per 100g. Furthermore, Konjac distinguishes itself through various qualities, such as being 100% natural, gluten free, allergen free, low in carbs and high in glucomannan (konjacmannan) - a soluble fibre with tremendous water-absorbing properties and surprising health benefits.

Many recent studies (see below) reveal that consumption of konjac glucomannan not only supports weight loss by reducing calorie intake, but also by promoting a feeling of long-lasting fullness and satiety. Glucomman found in konjac also helps maintain normal blood cholesterol concentrations and promotes healthy digestion.

Scientific sources

Founding story

The two founders, Anja and Cyrille, have been friends and multiple-time colleagues over the past 10 years. After finishing their last endeavour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and seeing how successfuly they could bring projects to fruition, they knew they needed to found something from scratch.

The idea came to light relatively quickly. Anja is a fitness junkie and does not allow compromises when it comes to high quality foods for her nutrition. Cyrille had worked for many years in several food startups throughout the world and wanted to remain in the same field. After first encountering konjac in a supermarket, they were super excited about the item they bought… until they opened the pouch. The smell and texture were quite odorous, and they knew the reason that it wouldn't break through to a broader market was because of this. If they could change the way the core ingredient was presented to customers, it would boom in no time.

After a few months of trial and error, during which they used their friends and families as guinea pigs for their new recipes, they finally got a number of super tasty products ready: Roooaaar Rice and Roooaaar Pasta.

How to contact us

Feel free to drop us a line anytime at - please remember though, we’re only 2 people and sometimes we get swamped in emails…

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